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Here at Neptune Finance, have a range of handy home loan calculators to aid in your research and planning.

Unlike other websites, there is no filling out of forms only to need to enter your email to get your results - in fact - most of the forms can be completed and results shown in less than 30 seconds!

Simply use the Calculators drop down menu from the top of the page, or click on one of the links below!

Loan Repayments Calculator

A great guide as to what your future home loan repayments may be. Simply enter your desired loan amount, your interest rate and your loan term. From there the calculator will give you a repayment amount in Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly repayments, as well as a total repayment amount!

Borrowing Power Calculator

Enter your income, expenses and an approximate interest rate to be given a rough guide as to what your borrowing power may be. Note that this calculator does require some expert knowledge to get an accurate result. This is because each lender or bank may look at income and expenses differently. For an accurate borrowing capacity check reach out to our team!

Rent Vs Buy Calculator

Fed up of renting but not sure whether it's worth buying a home? This simple calculator will take all factors into consideration before giving you an idea as to how much better off you could be by buying a home of your own!

Loan Comparison Calculator

Got a current home loan and considering refinancing? This tool can be quite eye opening as it will not only show you any potential monthly savings, but also your savings over the term of your loan!

Budget Planner

Want to buy a home but still trying to reach your deposit goals? This Budget Planner is a great tool to enter your expenses and give you your surplus funds broken down weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Lastly, this calculator is a great tool to see if you may be liable for any stamp duty on your home purchase. It make allowances for first home buyers, as well as the differences in buying established vs building. Note: Make sure you select the correct state to ensure you get the right results!

No online calculator is a substitute for a personalised consult with a qualified mortgage broker.

Why not chat with a member of the team at Neptune Finance today? Simply choose your desired contact method below!
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