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As a home buyer who has been through the process before, you no doubt have experiences that will guide your expectations for your next purchase.

As part of our service, we will help you understand any changes since you last financed a home, as well as working with you to meet any specific deadlines and/or loan features (such as redraw facilities/offset accounts etc) that you may be wanting.

We deal with lots of "Next Home Buyers," many of who are coming back to us for a second, third or fourth time and would love to offer you the same service they have come to love from us!

What Do You Mean Exactly By A "Next Home Buyer?"

To put it simply, a "Next Home Buyer" is anyone who is purchasing a home that isn't their first home. 


You could be buying a second family home, a downsizer home (for when the children have left home), a forever home, or anything in between!

So How Does Neptune Finance Help "Next Home Buyers?"

Unlike first homes, there are often more complexities when it comes to buying second homes and beyond.

Some scenarios we regularly deal with and are well equipped to handle include:

  • Releasing equity for purchasing an additional property.

  • Offset loan and split loan set ups.

  • Bridging loans (to assist while selling a property).

  • Loans for borrowers where lenders require an exit strategy.

  • Working towards tight loan approval and settlement timeframes.

  • Cross collaterised home loans.

  • Redraw facilities.

Next Home Buyers in Perth
Time to start looking at YOUR "Next Home"?
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