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As an investor, there is a lot of complexities involved in setting up loans that can make or break a deal. 

As your mortgage broker partners, we will work with you to achieve the best, most efficient outcome to ensure you are positioned to make the most of opportunities that present themselves.


Whether you're a first time investor, or a seasoned professional looking at a major project, we will work with you to ensure things progress smoothly and with minimal stress on your part. We do this all while having your absolute best interests at heart to maximise any benefits you receive from your investment!

Considerations When Looking At Investment Home Loans

Choosing a Lender - Not all lenders look on investment properties as favourably as others. Additionally, your specific financial situation may be looked upon better by some banks than others. For this reason it makes sense to compare lenders and product in the market - this is what the team here at Neptune Finance Australia specialise in. 

Loan Features - Depending on your situation and your investment strategy, there may be certain loan features that work better for you than others, You may keep a lot of cash on hand and need the benefit offered by an offset account, or perhaps your financial advisor/accountant has suggested an interest only loan may work better with your desired strategy.

Calculating Your Rental Yields - Not always the most straightforward thing to calculate, our team will work with you to understand your loan obligations and then quickly work out the yield on your potential new investment property.

Upfront Pre-Approval - Knowing your borrowing power is helpful when you go out shopping for an investment property - a pre-approval will help give you this peace of mind. Additionally, when negotiating on a property, a bank pre-approval can help give you extra power as it presents your offer in a stronger financial position than other buyers who may not yet have a pre-approval in place.

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