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Construction Loans


Construction finance can be a tricky beast - there are a lot more complexities than a normal "established" home, and because of this it pays to deal with mortgage brokers who are construction specialists. 


 But what makes Neptune Finance Australia construction specialists, you may ask?

To put it simply, we have been dealing with the Perth Construction Industry for a long fact - we have been doing it for nearly 10 years! Because of this we have a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of all things construction finance and know the issues that can arise and how to avoid them before they become an issue. 

Some things we deal with every day are:

  • Giving our clients clarity around progress payments, costs to finish the home and other elements of building that can be "trickier" to someone who hasn't experienced the process before.

  • Understanding and working with land developer requirements prior to signing a land offer and acceptance.

  • Working with you and your building consultant regarding borrowing power and package prices.

  • Dealing with tight timeframes for finance terms on land contracts.

  • Helping with First Home Owner's Grant (FHOG) applications - especially when this is needed as 'funds to complete'.

  • Understanding timeframes that builders have for "build contracts" and when these need to be expedited.

  • Knowing which bank products are more "construction friendly".

  • Knowing which banks are slower in dealing with construction applications and being able to set those expectations upfront.

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