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Everyone wants to ensure they're getting the best deal, right?


In a time of ever changing products, loan feature and, more importantly, interest rates, we love nothing more than sitting down with you to help find a loan that is perfect for your individual requirements. There is no greater feeling than saving a client thousands of dollars a year from what they were paying on their old home loans.


Refinancing is a huge part of our business at Neptune Finance Australia. In fact, on top of the new customers we service, we also regularly touch base with our past clients to ensure they are still getting a good deal, which is something we would be happy to do for you too once you become part of the Neptune Finance Australia family!

Our team is always on hand to chat about your options when it comes to refinancing, so please call us via the number below (clicking the button on your mobile will automatically dial our number!)

Home Loan Health Check

Home Loan Health Checks

What Is A Home Loan Health Check?

Simply put, a Home Loan Health Check is a thorough 'once over' of your existing home loan. We look at all the costs, interest rates, repayments, features and benefits of your home loan and compare it against other products available in the market. Essentially, we want to ensure your have the best possible home loan for your situation and are aware of all your available options.

How Long Does It Take?

Once we have all the information on your current financial situation and your current home loan details we should be able to complete the checks and comparisons in around 24 hours. From there we will reach out to arrange a time to discuss the results with you.

What Happens If You Find A Better Solution For Me?

Should we find that your home loan is potentially not the best option out there for you, we will discuss the steps involved should you wish to refinance your loan to another bank or lender. During this process we will be sure to explain any costs involved in leaving your current lender and factor this in when we do a full analysis of your options for you.

On the other hand, there could be a situation where we don't need to take any action for you. If this is the case we will still run you through the other options we have researched and where they would sit in comparison with your current loan setup. Remember, this is a free service that we offer, so even if we can't find you a product that you determine it is worth refinancing to, you won't pay us a cent!

How Regularly Should A "Check Up" Be Done?

Typically we recommend doing a health check on your home loan at least every 12-18 months. In addition to this, if you have any changes occur to your loan (for instance moving from a fixed to variable rate, or changing from interest only to P&I) we would also recommend doing a check up on your loan to make sure you aren't being moved onto a less competitive rate or product.

Want to give your home loan a "Health Check"?
Reach out to our team below!
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